Create an Agent


Follow the steps below to define an agent and generate a bootstrap file that will be used when installing the agent within your internal environment or at one of the cloud providers.


Create using the UI Console

  1. Create a new agent by either:

    • Clicking Agents in the left menu and click New, or
    • Click the Create dropdown in the upper right corner and select Agent
  2. Enter a unique name and optional description. Click Next (Tags).

  3. Enter any optional tags. Click Create.

  4. The console will display the bootstrap config JSON text that can be copied to the clipboard or downloaded. The Done button will not be active until the text is copied or downloaded. Save the text as a file. This file will be used when configuring an agent. Click Done.


Properly save the bootstrap config JSON text. It will not be accessible after closing the modal. If you lose the text, you will need to delete and recreate the agent.

Create using the CLI

  1. At a command prompt, execute the following to create an agent:
cpln agent create --name NEW_AGENT_NAME --org ORG_NAME > bootstrap-config.json
  1. The output of the command will be the bootstrap config JSON text. Executing the command above will save the text in a file called bootstrap-config.json. This file will be used when configuring an agent.

Detailed CLI documentation for the agent command is available here.

Next Steps

Once the bootstrap config file has been generated and saved, follow the set up an agent guide to install and configure an agent:

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