Refer to the Kubernetes containers concepts page.

Grafana Alerts

Alerts can be created from the Org's Grafana instance. Refer to these instructions on how to create a Grafana managed alert.

Public IPs

The list of public IPs for each cloud provider and region can be obtained from the following:

  • Console UI: The Locations page. Select the location to display the IP ranges.
  • CLI: Using the command cpln location get -o json will list the IPs in the ipRanges property. The output can also be formatted in YAML by using the flag -o yaml-slim.
  • API: Using the location endpoint. View the available endpoints here. The ipRanges property will contain the list of SIPs.

The list of IPs may be required by external services that restrict the IPs allowed to call them.

The IPs may change when underlying infrastructure changes. Therefore, Control Plane recommends the automation of querying the location API for changes. In case of changes, the automation should re-configure external services’ allowed IP address list.


Most Control Plane resources can be labeled with multiple key-value pairs called tags.

These tags can be used by the UI or other resource to query / filter / select a resource based on its keys and value.

A majority of resources will have a Query button that will show the following modal allowing you to filter the resources shown.

Group and policy can use a query to dynamically assign members and resources, respectively.

Tag Query

The Match Tags By selector values are:

AllAll tag items should match
AnyAny of the tags should match
NoneNone of these tags should match

To filter resources based on their tags:

  1. Click on the Query button
  2. Select the wanted match tag selector
  3. Enter a tag name, equality operator, and value. Click Add.
  4. Enter any additional tags
  5. Click Apply and the filtered resources will be displayed

To remove the filter, click on the Query button again and click Clear.

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