Managed Kubernetes

The Managed Kubernetes service developed by Control Plane is designed to facilitate the creation and management (i.e., upgrades and scaling) of Kubernetes clusters across multiple cloud platforms and private cloud environments. By offering a unified view for Kubernetes cluster management, this service enables the centralized management of numerous clusters on various cloud platforms, private clouds, and across accounts.

Managed Kubernetes handles the tasks required to maintain a healthy Kubernetes cluster. In addition, it manages autoscaling according to user preferences, optimizes costs by using spot instances when provided, and allows seamless upgrades based on the user's selected version.

Supported Kubernetes versions

  • 1.28.4 (latest)
  • 1.28.2
  • 1.27.3
  • 1.26.4
  • 1.26.0

Infrastructure Providers

Click on provider name for details.

  1. Generic
  2. AWS
  3. Hetzner


Enables the user to turn on or off the following optional features.

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