Configure a Custom Domain


Follow the steps below to configure your org with a custom domain name. Domains are scoped to an org and available to be used by all GVCs within the org. Workloads created within a GVC will automatically use the configured domain name for their endpoint URL's.

This quick start will demonstrate how to:


Step One - Create a Domain Resource

  1. Create a new domain resource by using one of the following methods:

    • Clicking Domains in the left menu and click New, or
    • Click the Create dropdown in the upper right corner and select Domain.
  2. The console will prompt for the desired subdomain (e.g., Click Next.

  3. The required DNS entries will be displayed. These entries will need to be added by the person who is responsible for maintaining the DNS for the domain. Once the DNS entries are added and the changes have propagated across the Internet, click on the acceptance checkbox and click Create.

  4. The platform will verify the DNS entries and, if successful, add the domain to your org.

Step Two - Associate Domain with a GVC

  1. Click GVC in the left menu. If you have multiple GVCs, verify that you are on the desired GVC.
  2. Displayed is the GVC info page. Click on the arrow within the Domain control. The list of available domains will be shown. Select the domain that was configured and click Save. All workloads associated with this GVC will now be deployed using this domain.

Step Three - Review and Test Workloads

  1. Click Workloads in the left menu and choose a workload.
  2. Displayed is the summary page. Notice that the Global Endpoint URL is now using your domain and the workload name is the subdomain. This URL is secured with TLS, is load balanced and geo-routed is the nearest healthy location. Clicking the Open link will load the workload in a new tab.
  • The Canonical Endpoint uses the default Control Plane domain and behaves the same as the Global Endpoint. This URL can be used for troubleshooting.

  • A workload can be configured to resolve directly to the subdomain by explicitly naming the workload index. Refer to the domain reference page for details.

  1. Click Deployments. This page shows the locations this workload is deployed to. Next to each location is the location specific URL for your workload. Clicking the Open link will load the workload only in that location. This is used for troubleshooting.


Configuring your custom domain name with Control Plane allows your workload to be called using your branding in only a few steps. Once configured and associated with a GVC, the domain is used by all the workloads within a GVC.

If another domain name or subdomain is needed for different workloads, another GVC will need to be created and associated with the other domain.

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