Terraform Provider Plugin

Installation Instructions

Current Version: 1.0.1

Release Date: October 8, 2021

Select the package that matches the target operating system:




After the package has been downloaded, decompress it using the command below. The plugin will be copied to the required directory.

macOSmkdir -p $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins/controlplane.com/com/cpln/1.0.1/darwin_amd64 && gunzip terraform-provider-cpln_1.0.1_darwin_amd64.tgz && open terraform-provider-cpln_1.0.1_darwin_amd64.tar $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins/controlplane.com/com/cpln/1.0.1/darwin_amd64
Linuxmkdir -p $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins/controlplane.com/com/cpln/1.0.1/linux_amd64 && tar -xvf terraform-provider-cpln_1.0.1_linux_amd64.tgz -C $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins/controlplane.com/com/cpln/1.0.1/linux_amd64
Windows 10 - PowerShellmkdir -p $env:AppData/terraform.d/plugins/controlplane.com/com/cpln/1.0.1/windows_amd64 && tar -xvf terraform-provider-cpln_1.0.1_windows_amd64.zip -C $env:AppData/terraform.d/plugins/controlplane.com/com/cpln/1.0.1/windows_amd64
Windows 10 - CMDmkdir "%AppData%/terraform.d/plugins/controlplane.com/com/cpln/1.0.1/windows_amd64" && tar -xvf terraform-provider-cpln_1.0.1_windows_amd64.zip -C "%AppData%/terraform.d/plugins/controlplane.com/com/cpln/1.0.1/windows_amd64"

Upgrading Provider Version

After installing a new provider version, follow these steps to upgrade an existing installation:

  1. Update the version property inside the HCL file that contains the required_providers declaration block for the cpln provider.

  2. Run the command: terraform init -upgrade to upgrade the Terraform dependencies (state file, etc.). The Terraform commands (plan, apply, etc.) will now use the latest version.


If necessary, the provider version can be downgraded.


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