Terraform Provider Plugin

Installation Instructions

Latest Version: 1.0.10

Release Date: November 14, 2022

The Verified Control Plane Terraform Provider is available from the Terraform Registry.

To install the provider, copy and paste the code below into your Terraform configuration. Then, run terraform init.

The latest (and previous) versions can be obtained here.

NOTE: Requires Terraform 0.13+

terraform {
required_providers {
cpln = {
source = "controlplane-com/cpln"
version = "1.0.10"
provider "cpln" {
# Configuration options

Upgrading Provider Version

After installing a new provider version, follow these steps to upgrade an existing installation:

  1. Update the version property inside the HCL file that contains the required_providers declaration block for the cpln provider.

  2. Run the command: terraform init -upgrade to upgrade the Terraform dependencies (state file, etc.). The Terraform commands (plan, apply, etc.) will now use the latest version.


If necessary, the provider version can be downgraded.


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