To access metrics from multiple ORGs using a centralized Grafana, it is necessary to add a data source for each Org. This method is also applicable for integrating external Prometheus data sources with Control Plane’s Grafana, enabling centralized metrics management.

In this guide, we will demonstrate adding the Prometheus data source from org-2 to the Grafana instance of org-1. This integration will enable the observation of metrics from both org-1 and org-2 using the Grafana interface of org-1.

Note: Replace org-1 and org-2 with the actual names of your organizations.

Follow the steps below

In org-2

  1. Log in to org-2, and create a new Service Account named grafana-data-source.
  2. Create a new key for the grafana-data-source Service Account that is just created and save it.
  3. Create a policy named grafana-data-source that enables readMetrics for the above Service Account.
kind: policy
name: grafana-data-source
description: grafana-data-source
tags: {}
  - permissions:
      - readMetrics
      - /org/org-2/serviceaccount/grafana-data-source
target: all
targetKind: org

In org-1

  1. Log in to org-1, and navigate to Grafana by going to Metrics in the Control Plane Console.
  2. Proceed to Configuration (available on the sidebar) > Data Sources.
  3. Click on Add new data source and then select Prometheus as the type of the data source.
  4. Complete the configuration: a. Name: Use a descriptive name. For example, the name of the target organization, org-2. b. URL: https://metrics.cpln.io/metrics/org/org-2 (Note: Replace org-2 with the actual organization’s name). c. Add a custom HTTP Header for authorization with the value: Bearer <YOUR-TOKEN-HERE>. Replace <YOUR-TOKEN-HERE> with the token from the grafana-data-source created in the previous steps. Then, click Save & Test.

After these steps, you should be able to select the org-2 data source when using the Explore feature in the org-1 Grafana.

Import Dashboard for Multiple Sources

  1. In your org-1 Grafana, create a dashboard named Multi Source Metrics Overview Cloud to view metrics from various data sources. This is achieved by importing the dashboard.
    1. Download the dashboard JSON file from this link.
    2. Import the downloaded dashboard into Grafana in org-1.

You can now select org-2 as the data source in the Multi Source Metrics Overview Cloud dashboard you imported into org-1. Additional data sources, including those external or from other organizations, can be added by following the instructions in steps 1-4 under org-1.