Follow the steps below to create a group within your org.

Membership in a group for a user account can be directly or dynamically (using a query based on a tag) assigned.

Membership in a group for a service account can only be directly assigned.


Create using the UI Console

  1. Create a new group using one of the following methods:
    • Clicking Groups in the left menu and click New, or
    • Click the Create dropdown in the upper right corner and select Group
  2. Enter a unique name and optional description. Click Next (Users).
  3. A list of users will be shown that can be selected. A query can be defined to dynamically assigned users to the group. Click Next (Service Accts).
  4. A list of service accounts will be shown that can be selected. Click Next (Tags).
  5. Enter any optional tags. Click Create.

Create using the CLI

Refer to the group create command for details and examples on how to create a group using the CLI.

Next Steps

Groups can be used by policies to grant access permissions to the group members.