Create a Service Account


Follow the steps below to create a service account within your org.


Create using the UI Console

  1. Create a new service account by either:
    • Clicking Service Accounts in the left menu and click New, or
    • Click the Create dropdown in the upper right corner and select Service Account
  2. Enter a unique name and optional description and click Next (Tags)
  3. Enter any optional tags. Click Create.
  4. Click the Keys link to generate a new token that is used to create a profile
  5. Enter a key description and click Add. Copy and download the generated key

Create using the CLI

Refer to the serviceaccount create and serviceaccount add-key command for details and examples on how to create a service account using the CLI.

Next Steps

After creating a service account with a key, it can be used in a policy to grant permissions to any Control Plane resource. Once permissions have been granted, a browser-less CLI login is performed to authenticate and allow the execution of CLI commands.

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