Creating a cloud account consists of:

  • Creating a cloud account within Control Plane.
  • Configuring permissions at the cloud provider granting access to the cloud account.

Follow the steps below to create a cloud account within your org.


Create using the UI Console

  1. Create a new cloud account by either:
    • Clicking Cloud Accounts in the left menu and click New, or
    • Click the Create dropdown in the upper right corner and select Cloud Account.
  2. Enter a unique name and optional description.
  3. From the Cloud Provider dropdown, select the provider you are targeting.
    • The UI will show instruction on how to obtain the ID for your account at the selected cloud provider.
  4. Copy and paste the ID into the textbox beneath the instructions. Click Next (Configuration).
  5. Detailed instructions will be shown that must be followed to grant Control Plane the necessary permissions within the cloud provider.
  6. After completing the instructions, click the checkbox and click Next (Tags).
  7. Enter any optional tags. Click Create.
  8. Your cloud account has been successfully created and connected to the cloud provider.

Create using the CLI

The CLI offers three commands to create a cloud account corresponding to each cloud provider:

Cloud ProviderCLI Command
AWScpln cloudaccount create-aws
Azurecpln cloudaccount create-azure
GCPcpln cloudaccount create-gcp

Executing the command below, for each provider, will show detailed instruction on how to create a cloud account:

cpln cloudaccount create-aws --org ORG_NAME --how

The instructions shown from the --how option will include using both the cloud provider’s UI and CLI.


Refer to the cloud account reference page for additional details.