Welcome Beta Users

Thank you for being a part of the Control Plane Beta program.

Log in Process

Access the Console using your email address.

The email address needs to be linked to either Google, GitHub, or Microsoft.

Participation and Feedback

Use the platform to deploy workloads and provide feedback to support@controlplane.com.

Inviting Users

You are welcome to invite other users from your organization.

Review the Invite Users guide for instructions.

Usage Policy

During the Beta period, your org has the following quotas:

Workloads will be monitored for adherence to the Beta Agreement and may be shut down for violation.

System Uptime

We anticipate the system to be fully operational at all times. Notifications will be sent regarding downtime.

We don't recommend running any critical services or applications.


There is no charge to use the system during the beta period.

End of Beta

We'll notify you before the end of the Beta program. You will have the opportunity to sign up as a non-beta customer.

Orgs not converted at the end of the program will be removed.

Documentation and Quick Start

Please review the documentation to learn more.

The quick start Deploy Your First Workload is a great place to start.

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