Volume Set

This section outlines the key attributes of the volume set's API object. This object can be utilized through the API, CLI and the console's apply functionality.

id string

name string

Max Length: 64

kind string

version integer

description string

Max Length: 250

tags object

created string

Format: date-time

lastModified string

Format: date-time

links array of objects - See Below

spec object - See Below

status object - See Below

gvc object

rel string

href string


initialCapacity integer

The initial size in GB of volumes in this set.

performanceClass string

Possible enum values:

  • general-purpose-ssd

  • high-throughput-ssd

storageClassSuffix string

For self-hosted locations only. The storage class used for volumes in this set will be {performanceClass}-{fileSystemType}-{storageClassSuffix} if it exists, otherwise it will be {performanceClass}-{fileSystemType}

fileSystemType string

Default: ext4

Possible enum values:

  • xfs

  • ext4

snapshots object - See Below

autoscaling object - See Below


createFinalSnapshot boolean

If true, a volume snapshot will be created immediately before deletion of any volume in this set

retentionDuration string

The default retention period for volume snapshots. This string should contain a floating point number followed by either d, h, or m. For example, "10d" would retain snapshots for 10 days.

schedule string

A standard cron schedule expression used to determine when your job should execute.


maxCapacity integer

The maximum size in GB for a volume in this set. A volume cannot grow to be bigger than this.

minFreePercentage integer

The guaranteed free space on the volume as a percentage of the volume's total size. ControlPlane will try to maintain at least that many percent free by scaling up the total size

scalingFactor number

When scaling is necessary, then new_capacity = current_capacity * storageScalingFactor.


parentId string

usedByWorkload string

bindingId string

locations array of objects - See Below


name string

The name of the location in which this volume was provisioned

volumes array of objects - See Below

desiredVolumeCount integer

clusterId string

The id of the cluster assigned to the gvc in this location.


lifecycle string

Default: creating

Possible enum values:

  • creating

  • unused

  • unbound

  • bound

  • deleted

  • repairing

storageDeviceId string

The id of the volume as provided by the underlying storage implementation. If this is blank, an actual storage device has not yet been created.

index integer

This number is used to order volumes within the volume set. It is used by Control Plane to link volumes with the workload replicas that use them.

currentSize number

The current capacity of the volume in GB

currentBytesUsed number

The total bytes used in the volume.

iops number

throughput number

driver string

The name of the CSI driver used to provision and manage this volume

volumeSnapshots array of objects - See Below

attributes object


name string

A human-readable name for this snapshot.

id string

The id of the snapshot as provided by the underlying storage implementation.

created string

The date and time that the snapshot was created in the Control Plane API

Format: date-time

expires string

The date and time on which this snapshot will be automatically deleted.

Format: date-time

size number

The size of the snapshot in GB.

tags object

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