Cloud Account

This section outlines the key attributes of the cloud account's API object. This object can be utilized through the API, CLI and the console's apply functionality.

id string

name string

Max Length: 64

kind string

version integer

description string

Max Length: 250

tags object

created string

Format: date-time

lastModified string

Format: date-time

links array of objects - See Below

provider string

Possible enum values:

  • aws

  • gcp

  • azure

  • ngs

data object - See Below

status object - See Below

rel string

href string


The data object's structure is determined by the value of the provider field. The following providers are supported, with each requiring a unique configuration schema:

Depending on the provider, the data object must adhere to the specific configuration schema as outlined below.


projectId string

Max Length: 30


roleArn string


secretLink string


secretLink string


usable boolean

lastChecked string

Format: date-time

lastError string

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