Volume Sets



Volume sets are in beta! Some features are not yet available.

For a list of planned features, see the planned features section.

A volume set is a collection of storage volumes. Each volume set can be used by at most one stateful workload. Volumes are not deleted until the volume set is deleted.

File Systems

Each volume set has a single, immutable file system.

Currently supported file systems are:

  • ext4
  • xfs

Performance Classes

Each volume set has a single, immutable, performance class.

The performance class determines:

  • How many Megabytes per second can be transferred to and from the volume (MB/second)
  • How many I/O operations can be processed per second. (IOPS)
  • Read/write latency

Volume performance varies widely by cloud service provider.

General Purpose SSD

Name: general-purpose-ssd

Minimum Capacity: 10Gb

Maximum Capacity: 16384Gb

Service ProviderMax ThroughputMax IOPS
AWS750 MB/s3000
GCP1200 MB/s800002
Azure750 MB/s6000

Premium SSD

Name: premium-low-latency-ssd

Minimum Capacity: 10Gb

Maximum Capacity: 16384Gb

Service ProviderMax ThroughputMax IOPS 1
AWS1000 MB/s5/GB
GCP1200 MB/s1000002
Azure900 MB/s20000

BYOK Support

Volume sets are supported in BYOK locations as long as the following prerequisites are met:

  1. The cluster must have a CSI-compatible storage driver installed.

  2. You must create storage classes which use the CSI-compatible provisioner, with the following names:

    • general-purpose-ssd-ext4
    • general-purpose-ssd-xfs
    • premium-low-latency-ssd-ext4
    • premium-low-latency-ssd-xfs

Planned Features

  • Automatic volume expansion.
  • Volume snapshotting (both on-demand and automatic).
  • Volume restoration (to a snapshot).


  1. In general, IOPS capacity varies linearly with storage capacity. The values shown in this column are the maximum possible values, and are only achievable with large volume sizes.
  2. These values are per instance, not per volume. Performance may vary.
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