Domains (Legacy)


This method of configuring a Domain is deprecated.

Please refer to the new reference here.

NOTE: If both the legacy and current method of mapping a domain is configured, the legacy setting will currently take precedence.


Workloads can be accessed using any domain names you own. Domains are scoped to an org.

GVCs can only be assigned to one domain name which are used by all workloads within the GVC.

If a domain is not selected, the default domain names are:

  • Global and canonical endpoints:
  • Individual location endpoints:

The GVC to domain name association can be changed at any time.

To deploy workloads with different domains, place them into multiple GVCs.

Configure a Domain

Refer to the Configure a Domain guide for additional details.

Configuration Notes

When initially adding a custom domain, the console will display the required DNS entries and verify that they were created and can be resolved.

If the DNS entries need to be recreated, the configuration page will show the required DNS entries. The system will not perform another verification.

Workload Endpoint Naming

When a custom domain is assigned to a GVC, the associated workload's global endpoint will follow the format:


The system offers the ability to have a workload resolve to only the custom subdomain.

To accomplish this:

  • The workload must be named index.
  • The global endpoint of this workload will resolve to: SUB_DOMAIN.DOMAIN.EXTENSTION.


The permissions below are used to define policies together with one or more of the four principal types:

createCreate new domain
deleteDelete a domain
editModify existing domains (only tags can be changed)view, use
manageFull accesscreate, delete, edit, manage, use, view
useAllow a principal to use this domainview
viewRead-only access

Access Report

Displays the permissions granted to principals for the domain.


To view the CLI documentation for domains, click here

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