Configure a Domain (Legacy)


This method of configuring a Domain is deprecated.

Please follow the new guide here.

NOTE: If both the legacy and current method of mapping a domain is configured, the legacy setting will currently take precedence


Follow the steps below to configure a custom domain within your org.


Create using the UI Console

Create a new domain by using one of the following methods:

  • Clicking Domains in the left menu and click New, or
  • Click the Create dropdown in the upper right corner and select Domain.

The console will prompt you for the desired domain name to associate with your org. After clicking Next, the required DNS entries will be displayed.

Once the DNS entries are added and the changes are propagated across the Internet, click on the acceptance checkbox and click Create. The platform will verify the DNS entries and, if successful, add the domain to your org.

Create using the CLI

Refer to the domain create command for details and examples on how to create a domain using the CLI.


The DNS entries must exist and propagated across the Internet before executing the command:

cpln domain create --name --org ORG_NAME

Required DNS Entries

To successfully add a domain name to your org, the following DNS entries are required. The values in the sample below might not correspond to the entries necessary for your domain. Use the values that are presented during the addition of the domain.

These records will need to be sent to the network administrator in charge of handling the domain's DNS configuration.


Using the domain:


To obtain the ORG_ID_GUID, run the CLI command: cpln org get ORG_NAME --output json.

The output of the command will display all the properties of the org object. Use the value of the id key for the TXT value.


After the DNS records have been created, the propagation time for the changes to take effect depends on the cache setting of your domain's DNS Start of Authority (SOA) record.

Once the records are fully propagated, any DNS changes to your subdomain will be reflected within a few seconds.

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